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  • No Fix No Fee - No diagnosis fee - No work will go ahead without your permission.
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  • Free collection and redelivery - even if you choose not to go ahead with the repair.
Laptop Typing

1. Fill in our 'Book a Repair' form here.

Let us know the date you want your laptop picked up, and where from. We can pick it up and redeliver it to your home or workplace. If you can, describe the fault.

We will e-mail you to give you an idea of the likely cost, and to confirm your chosen pick up date and location.

Delivery Van

2. Pack your laptop, ready for collection. View our packing instructions here.

(All you will need is a box slightly larger than your laptop, and some newspapers.)

Our courier will collect your laptop from your home or workplace. Collection and delivery are free.

Contact us if you need any help with packing your laptop.

Laptop Repair

3. Fault diagnosis and quote.

We will diagnose the fault and contact you within 48 hours by e-mail, giving you a maximum price for the repair.

When you have confirmed you are happy with our quote, we will start the repair process.

Once we have completed the repair, we will e-mail you an invoice, which you can pay by PayPal or credit card.

Laptop At Home

4. Your laptop will then be returned by our courier to your home or workplace.

You can choose the date you would like your laptop delivered to you.

Our couriers, Interlink Express, will give you a one hour delivery window.

Hardware repairs are covered by a 12 month guarantee, software repairs are covered by a 3 month guarantee.

Typical Prices (including FREE collection and delivery)

Broken (cracked) screen replacement

Around £75 plus the cost of the screen (from £80).

Virus removal and malware removal

Around £65

Laptop overheating - clean CPU fan and apply new CPU paste, and test system

Around £75

Spilled liquid in laptop

From £75

Power connector fault

From £85

New hard drive installation, including copying of Windows and all files

From £75 plus cost of new HD

Screen fault - dark display, backlight failure

Around £80

DVD replacement

Around £75 including new DVD drive

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About us

TipTopLaptop have repaired thousands of laptops, and can get your laptop back in tiptop condition, at a low price.

Collection and delivery is free - the price you see is the price you pay.

Fast turnaround: we normally repair laptops within 48 hours of receiving them, unless special parts have to be ordered.

Common Faults

Dim screen

If your screen has gone dark, or appears to have stopped working completely, turn the laptop on, and hold the laptop screen up to a bright light and see if you can see a faint image on it. If you can, the screen itself is still working, but the backlight or inverter may be faulty.

We can replace the inverter for around £80, or we can replace the backlight for around £90. (Only one will need replacing.)

Broken Screen

If your screen has been physically damaged, we can install a new screen for around £75 plus the cost of the new screen itself, which will be from £80, depending on the size.

Broken power socket

This is a very common fault on laptops. We will completely disassemble the laptop so that the old power socket can be desoldered from the motherboard, and a new power socket will be soldered on.

From £85, which includes all parts and labour.

Faulty hard drive

We can install a new hard drive of any capacity you choose, and attempt to copy over all data from the original drive where possible.

(We will try to recover data where possible, but cannot guarantee data recovery from faulty hard drives.)

Around £60 plus actual cost of new hard drive. (Please e-mail us for current prices, as they change daily).

Upgrade hard drive to larger model

We can install a new hard drive of any capacity you choose, and also copy over ALL data, and your Windows installation, so the hard drive will appear the same as before, except it will have a larger capacity.

We will put your old hard drive into a FREE external hard drive enclosure, so you can use it to back up data from your new hard drive.

Around £65 plus actual cost of new hard drive. (Please e-mail us for current prices, as they change daily).

Laptop won't turn on

We can check your laptop power supply, and also the motherboard, to see if the power connector is faulty.

Around £70 if the power supply needs replacing (free power supply included in this price).

From £85 if power socket is faulty (see 'Broken Power Socket' above for details).

Keyboard faults

Some of the keys on your keyboard may have stopped responding, this can be due to sugary liquid having been spilled at some time in the past, or (more rarely) just due to wear and tear.

Around £60 if we can repair the keyboard by dismantling and cleaning (most keyboards are repairable), around £80 if a new keyboard is needed.

Touchpad faults

Touchpads are generally very reliable, but again, spilled liquids can cause them to stop working properly, and touchpad buttons are also vulnerable to spillages.

Around £60 if we can repair the touchpad by dismantling and cleaning, around £80 if we need to buy a new touchpad.

DVD drive faults

Laptop DVD drives are very fragile compared to PC DVD drives, if your DVD drive is no longer reading discs properly, we can replace it with a new unit.

Around £75, including a new DVD drive.

Virus and malware removal

We can remove viruses and malware, these often run in the background and can slow down your laptop, and can also compromise your data when online.

If the virus or malware cannot be removed, we can reinstall Windows, after wiping the hard drive completely clean of all data. First we will copy off whatever files you need to keep, onto an external hard drive, then copy them back over to your laptop after reinstalling Windows. We can also back up your data to blank DVDs.

Around £60 for virus and malware removal, around £70 for reinstalling Windows if necessary, and copying all important data back to your laptop.

Reinstall Windows

Over time, your Windows directory will fill up with 'temp' files, and other unnecessary 'junk' files, which programs and webpages leave on your hard drive. Even the best maintained systems end up slowing down over time, and eventually the only solution is to back up all your data and reinstall Windows, so it starts 'clean' again.

Around £70, including copying of all important data from your hard drive, and back onto the hard drive after Windows has been reinstalled.

Laptop overheating

Your laptop's fan and heatsink may be clogged with dust, but unfortunately, unlike a PC, a laptop heatsink is not easy to get to, and normally requires the case to be disassembled to reach the fan and heatsink. If the fan and heatsink aren't cleaned, the laptop can eventually overheat and may either freeze or turn itself off automatically, to prevent the temperature getting any higher.

We can clean your laptop fan and heatsink, and check that it maintains the correct temperature by running a series of tests. £70.

Liquid spills

If you have spilled any liquid on your laptop, immediately turn the laptop over, to prevent the liquid from reaching the motherboard, then turn off the laptop, remove the power supply lead (if plugged in) and take out the battery. It is more important that you remove the power source to the laptop immediately, than that you save your current document! Keep the laptop upside down, with the screen open, so that liquid can drain out through the keyboard. (Replacement keyboards are a lot cheaper than replacement motherboards!)

Leave the laptop OFF and contact us we can disassemble your laptop and completely clean the keyboard, and the rest of the components, and should be able to rescue it, depending on the extent of the damage.

Around £75, if no replacement parts are needed.

Questions and help.

Got a question about your laptop or PC? Please feel free to ask us ANY questions about your laptop or computer, we will try to help. A lot of queries can be answered with a simple e-mail.

We offer a low cost computer help service: if you have any questions, please just contact us. We will be able to answer most questions for free, but we may charge a small fee (less than £5.00) for more complex problems. You are under no obligation, you need only pay for answers which you want.