Mynwood Cat Jackets #3 - How to crop a thumbnail image

For PhotoImpact X3 (will probably also work with version 12).

Finished cropped image

In the screenshot below, we can see that the text 'Click image to enlarge' is too far down the screen, because of the portrait thumbnail above it, and the text overlaps the 'see accessory page' text next to it.(See yellow arrow).

In this tutorial, we will crop the thumbnail so that it is in landscape format, and no longer pushes the 'Click image to enlarge' text down so far.

Right click the image you want to crop, and choose 'Copy'.

Right click to copy image

Open Photoimpact, and press CTRL-SHIFT-V, to 'Paste as new image', or use the menus shown below.

Paste as new image

Drag the image window down to the right to make it bigger, to give you space around the image.

Drag image wider

Select the Standard Selection Tool.

Standard selection tool

Drag a box around the part of the image you want to cut out, starting from outside the image. The only thing that matters is the height of the box you are drawing around it, you should start and end the selection OUTSIDE the image, as shown below, this way it's easy to do.

Selecting the crop

You should have then selected something like the following, a shorter version of the image.


Press CTRL-C to copy the selection, then CTRL-SHIFT-V to 'Paste as new image'.

Paste as new image

Go back to the Mynwood page, and right click on the old image and choose 'View image info', so we can copy the name of the image when we save the new image in Photoimpact.

View image info

This shows you the name of the original image, you can copy this by dragging your mouse over the name (in the Location part), and pressing CTRL-C.

Copying image name

Go back to Photoimpact and choose File, Save As, make sure you have selected .jpg as the image type, and paste in the name of the image using CTRL-V. You will need to delete the '%20' and insert spaces - '%20' represents a space. So you would change 'Tucker%20wearing%20high%20viz1.jpg' to 'Tucker wearing high viz1.jpg'.

Then use Filezilla to upload the new version of the image to the /images/fabric thumbs folder, you will be asked if you want to overwrite the original image, say 'Yes'.
Reload the Mynwood page and you should see the following. Finished!

Finished version

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