The Design Process

Frequent updates and feedback

Websites normally take me one to two weeks to complete.

Website Design

Normally the design process begins with the client providing me with a short list of websites that they like the design of, and I will then create a new design that is similar to what the client likes. I will produce a basic mockup of the design, and e-mail it to you, and can then make changes according to your wishes. Once you are happy with the basic mockup, I can then transfer the images from the mockup to the website.

I will advise you on what sort of hosting you need. (For a static website, your hosting costs should be no more than £5 a month, including an e-mail account.) I will set up your hosting account and upload the website to it. The HTML code will be clean and easy to read, so that if you feel like editing parts of the site in the future, it will be obvious which text goes where. (Use 'View', 'Page Source' in your browser menu at the top of this page, to view the HTML for this site, and you should be able to see where this text is.)

Why use BondWebDesign?

I am a freelance web designer, with five years' experience working with X-Cart, and have run my own X-Cart e-commerce site for the last four years. I offer a personal service and will endeavour to help you with any queries you have about your site's customisation.
I always reply to e-mails within 24 hours, normally within half an hour if I'm at my computer, and my Live Chat button (above) will show you when I'm working on your site, so you can contact me every day to discuss how the site is progressing.